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“Fool Me Once S01 is a gripping thriller that delves into the aftermath of tragedy and trauma blurring the lines, between reality and illusion.
“Lion” is a movie filled with intentions and, at times dramatic stories that revolve around themes of human strength, determination and trials. The central
“Hunter Killer” stands out as a thrilling movie, in the suspense genre, blending political intrigue, high stakes and intense combat scenes to captivate the
The first season of ‘One Piece’ offers a lot to enjoy, as it tells the story of Monkey D. Luffy who wants to be
“Hitman: Shadows of Deception” is the gripping story of Agent 47, a super secret assassin involved in an intricate political conspiracy. The film investigates
“Goal! The Dream Begins” is an inspirational and warm sports film about the life of Santiago Muñez on his path to becoming a professional
“Exodus: Gods and Kings” is a beautiful adaptation of the biblical story attached to Moses, who was chosen by god leading his people from
Frances Annan’s political thriller “Escape from Pretoria”, tells the story of Tim Jenkin and Stephen Lee, who had managed to escape South Africa’s notorious
Big game a great adventure movie which will keep audience on tenter hooks with each plot twisting. This tale features a brave young man
Wow, what an incredible movie! For the sake of those who adore samurai movies and stories about honor and revenge, it’s compulsory to see
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