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Category: Action

‘Forbidden Zone’ is the type of movie thats best enjoyed with popcorn on the edge of your seat; a captivating journey of groups unraveling
‘Chinese Fighter’ tells the tale of Shaobei, a fighter who enters a major martial arts competition following the passing of his older brother. The
“Deep Sea Mutant Snake” is a captivating thriller that follows the story of Qin Yu, a boyfriend whose anxiety grows as his fiancée delves
“Darkman” tells the tale of a superheros beginnings following the journey of Dr. Peter Parker, a scientist who survives a horrific attack that claims
The movie “Cradle 2 the Grave” is an action flick starring Jet Li and DMX both known actors, from the late 1990s and early
The movie “Code Name; Tiranga” directed by Ribhu Dasgupta features Huma Qureshi in the role of a spy named Kavya, whose mission’s to prevent
“Chief of Thieves; “Chu Liu Xiang” has sparked discussions, in the world of cinema with its captivating visuals and unique characters along with thrilling
“Bodyguard; ‘Soo Han’ is a gripping action thriller featuring Seung Hyeon Son delving into themes of loss, redemption and second chances. The plot follows
“The film ‘Brotherhood of Blades offers a portrayal of the Ming Dynasty era delving into themes of loyalty, versus betrayal with shades of moral
The movie ‘Bodyguard’, from Bollywood directed and produced by Siddique follows the story of Lovely Singh, a bodyguard tasked with protecting Divya, the daughter
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