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About Us


Welcome to AGASOBANUYE LIVE, your one-stop cinema destination. We are a group of film enthusiasts who aim to bring you the best out there on celluloid, literally at your fingertips. That’s our mission, to stock you up with the best movie recommendations possible and give you a way for them break through borders (and provide that feeling of being in another world) on your own living-room screen.

We know that language is not an obstacle to appreciating movies at the AGASOBANUYE LIVE. That’s why we have worked so hard at putting together a series of good films translated into Kinyarwanda. We hope that by smashing language barriers we can bring people from every corner together so they may share in the pleasures of storytelling, no matter what their mother tongue.

Each movie the cinema chooses is crosschecked by our own talented crew of experts, so that every recommendation stands up as compelling in form and stimulating in content. We hope our carefully selected offerings will introduce you to a spectrum of recruiting genres, from warm home dramas and intriguing action flicks all the way up.

Much more than a movie review website, Agasobanuye Live is one big love letter to the power of telling stories. We welcome you to step on board for this voyage of cinematic enlightenment, and join us in exploring a world rich with artistic treasure. Out of sight, out of mind But behind the scenes occur our own sufferings humanizing dark topics that shape this world.

AGASOBANUYELIVE.COM – the ultimate movie review website with a twist! Movie reviews go interactive with the arrival of AGASOBANUYE live. Are you fed up of hunting around for subtitled films in Kinyarwanda? But don’t worry, this is where the renowned AGASOBANUYE LIVE comes into play and helps you satisfy your cinematic appetite.

Here’s the scoop-we know what a pain it is to be anxious to see a movie but there isn’t yet any translation in your own language. That is why we have gone to the trouble of providing you here with a curated selection of films in your own language–Kinyarwanda. It’s got everything, from blockbusters to hidden gems, so you need never be bored again!

But hold up, there’s more! translated movies. So at AGASOBANUYE LIVE, we don’t just stop there. No, no! We go so far as to hook you up with external links. Right, just pop on your favorite flicks whenever you want, wherever you go–no muss involved. With so much film just waiting to be explored, prepare yourself for a thoroughly mind-blowing educational experience.

Perhaps you are now wondering, then how do we select these translations for our films? Well, that’s where our group of movie buff enthusiasts comes in. There are linguists and experienced translators, people working night and day to make sure the translation is correct. But that’s no problem, because we provide you the opportunity to get right into it-like never before!

The aim of AGASOBANUYE LIVE is simply to build a community around like-minded film fans with similar interests in films. This is why we feel that language should not become a hurdle to enjoy the wonder of movies. Thus whether one’s a sophisticated moviegoer or just an avid film buff, we have something unique in store.

Become part of our AGASOBANUYE LIVE world today and experience a whole new life, of movies. Prepare to laugh, cry and be thrilled like you’ve never before. Just sit back with some popcorn, relax and enjoy a cinematic journey, where movies come to life in Kinyarwanda.

With technology developing and the world growing more interdependent by the day, everybody, no matter what language or culture they belong to, should have access to cinema. By translating movies into Kinyarwanda, we hope to break down barriers and bring a little understanding of the art of film to people around the world.

We hope that we will be your favorite option for Kinyarwanda-language movie recommendations. That’s more or less the way it is and if you bother to see them all, then why not look good while doing so? Thanks very much, gentlemen (and ladies). Let’s celebrate, together–revel in the universal language of film! One great movie at a time.

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