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The Book of Negroes S01 - (review)

The Book of Negroes is a remarkable work of fiction that compels the reader to follow the life-story of Aminata, a woman who has her African home taken away and is then forced into slavery in the American colony of South Carolina. The novel portrays her life in a manner of flashbacks as she goes through trials and hardships, being involved in a revolution in New York City, being alone in Nova Scotia, and the extensive jungle forest in Sierra Leone.


Aminata’s power and determination which even in the times at their darkest continuous to burn, helping her project hope and courage.The storytelling is tearful and witty, ultimately making the viewers fall into her life and feel like they are a part of the whole. The story focuses on the variable topic of getting over the difficult circumstances and surviving, underdoing the time spirit in human and therefore moving to the audience’s feeling.

“The Book of Negroes” is the thoughtful and presaging novel whose characters embody the all possible human emotions the readers can imagine. It portrays the essence of the slavery’s brutality and exploitations at the same time reflects the power of human spirit to overcome the most terrible circumstances. Aminata’s story was a picture of dedication and the ongoing influence of those who sacrificed everything to gain freedom despite the nearly unbearable difficulties on their path.

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