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All Eyez on me - (review)

Brace yourself for an exciting biographical account about a famous musician. Come over and light up your passion, and get inspired by Tupac Shakur’s untold story in All Eyez on me. Are you prepared to immerse yourself into the life and soul of Tupac Shakur who was an unrivalled artist, actor, poet, and activist? This is a film tribute to an irrepressible revolutionary spirit based on his undeniably explosive talent, piercingly sharp lyrics, and modest beginnings in New York City.


In spite of everything, Tupac surpassed his limitation within the field of music and turned out to be a force to reckon with in regards to touching millions of people worldwide. Taking you through an exciting ride where you get to witness Tupac’s raw talent that continues changing his life till age twenty-five. Get ready to go on an inspiring journey from the spectacular shows that made him a cultural hero and his huge influence over a generation.

His compelling tale as well as impactful legacy has grown greater long after death serving as an illustration to everyone that true authenticity coupled with courage can do wonders. Do not allow this rare opportunity to experience the real life events in which Tupac Shakur lived pass you by. Experience that which made Tupac live, not just die, and see why he remains a timeless legend to date. “All eyez on me”: an entertainment phenomena that is sure to give you goose bumps in your mind and leave a lasting impression for your entire life!

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