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Angel Has Fallen - (review)

Believe me, my dearest fans, for “Angel Has Fallen” promises an even more thrilling adventure, exceeding all other expectations. Join Mike Banning, our fearless hero, as he faces his biggest challenge yet: framed falsely for the assassination attempt against the President. With the final part of the fallen book, Mike has to dig in all his resources of his training, cunning and pure power to have the charges against him dropped off and also save the precious country from a dreadful enemy.

Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping ride that will see your fingernails denting the seat. With every passing second, Mike Banning has to move through this deadly maze in which his own agency is chasing after him while the FBI won’t give up. However, it’s not just any regular action movie. The story of “Angel has fallen” exemplifies strength, honor, and indefatigable loyalty. Above all, it will motivate you to fight for justice, rise above difficulties which life throws at you and ensure no one decides your destiny.

Angel Has Fallen offers high octane, nail biting action with explosive, close quarters combat scenes and breath taking chase sequences. Get ready for spectacular visual effects, which will blow you away with jaw-dropping stunts. Prepare for breath-taking sights and action that will knock your socks off. Thus, buckle up for the strong hearted Mike Banning who will fight for the truth, justice and the ‘American Way’.

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