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Into the Night Season 02 - (review)

The audience is being thrown into a world where Into the Night Season 2 made it to the series that keeps you at your edge of seat, with jaws that are falling out from their sockets predominantly when listening to a group of survivors running against time going through Bulgaria’s underground bunker in which they escape deadly rays emanating from the sun. The books are overflowing with an unnatural fuel scarcity, poisoned food, mind-numbing thefts, and almost insurmountable obstacles that have us biting our nails with surprise turns.


The discovery of human mores under impossible conditions portrays humankind’s best and worst, as the performed dramas are superlative representations with raw emotions and detailed characters. The dramatic dialogues and frenetic tempo in which they happen both give us the feeling of desperate fear, hope – through the eyes of people living in this post-apocalyptic world.

And these moments of unflinching humanity add that bit of lucidness to all this madness and despair Despite the minor flashes of changes that could have been executed better, Into The Night Season 2 remains as a good choice for story-seekers not only because it builds up cravings strong enough to ask for a continued narration but also – asks us to contemplate upon determinants of humanity and its survivability. Bid your energy and physical strength as you board for this adrenaline-filled adventure.

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